The Best Black Coffee Tables for your Living Room

If you are looking to add contrast to your living room you might want to consider a black coffee table. Black coffee tables have been trending a while now and continue to do so in 2022. Depending on your style of the interior a modern coffee table in a darker shade could be a perfect choice and become the centerpiece of your living room. Today we will discuss why you should choose a black coffee table and how to style it. 


Why choose a black coffee table? 

A black coffee table is a modern, stylish choice that can’t go wrong. It is easy to match with other furniture. If you’ve got other pieces of furniture in a darker shade in your living room the coffee table blends in with the rest of the interior, but you could also match with lighter colors to add contrast and dynamic feeling to the room. 

Another thing to consider is whether you want a matte or glossy finish on your table. 


How to find the right coffee table for you

Gillmore Space Cordoba Rectangular Coffee Table - Black Stained Oak Veneer

Pick the right size for your living room

An important factor when buying a new coffee table is to choose the right size for your room. What determines the recommended size are for example the rest of the interior, how much free space you have in the room, and the size of your sofa. A coffee table that is too small will look out of proportion compared to your sofa and too large will make it hard to move around the room gracefully. 

It is also important to take the height of your coffee table into consideration. You want to strive towards finding a coffee table that is no more than 2 inches higher or lower than your sofa. 


Choose a shape that suits the room

The second thing to consider when purchasing a coffee table is to choose a shape that suits the room you will place it in. Just imagine how different a room can feel with a rectangular, square, oval, or round table. 

There are a few design principles to have in mind when choosing the right shape. 

A rectangular coffee table is perfect together with a longer sofa. You want to mix different shapes and sizes when decorating your home. If you have a lot of soft, organic shapes in your living room a square or rectangular coffee table is a great choice to create harmony. 

A square coffee table is often smaller in size than rectangular ones, and fits best in small spaces or combined with another coffee table. 

Round coffee tables also fit great in a small living room with a sofa in the smaller size or combined with two armchairs. If the rest of the interior has straight lines and is structured, a round coffee table is perfect to introduce more soft elements. The key to a harmonious decorated room is to have a balance of different textures, sizes, and elements. 

If you want to soften your living room and like the style of a round coffee table but have a larger sofa and lots of space, we would recommend going with an oval coffee table. 


Choose the right material

So, now that you know which size and shape to pick for your black coffee table it is time to choose the material. Hard materials such as metal, glass, or marble? Or softer materials such as stained oak or wood? 

Wood is one of the most common materials for coffee tables and can give many different looks depending on the finish. The black tinted finish has an industrial look, which gets enhanced when going for a rectangular shape while a smaller round or oval table has a softer look. 

Coffee tables made of stone on the other hand, such as a marble tabletop, are statement pieces that easily lift the room and become the center of attention. A marble table fits into most living rooms, especially if you have soft materials and organic shapes as a contrast. 

Glass tables are a great choice if you have a small living room and want to introduce an airy, more spacious feeling to make it feel bigger. The glass reflects the light in your room and makes it feel bigger than it is. 

Other things to keep in mind are the amount of maintenance the material of your choice needs. For example, it is important to avoid any kind of acids on your marble tabletop and to use coasters on wood or glass coffee tables to avoid stains on the material that is hard to remove.


Our choice: different black coffee tables for your living room 

PaulaHome - Catrine Coffee Table Antique Gold

The Catrina Coffee Table Antique Gold round antique coffee table with a bronze metal top and the metal net-shaped bottom is another unique piece for your living room. It fits great in a smaller living room or combined together with another round coffee table.

 MiyaHome - Catrine Coffee Table Antique Gold

PaulaHome - Charcoal Oak Coffee Table

Our is a black stained oak table with a shelf underneath. With its ribbed shelf as built-in storage, the coffee table feels light and not as heavy as a closed storage area would be. The extra space makes it easy to keep the table free from clutter. The table is perfect for the larger living room. 

 MiyaHome - Charcoal Oak Coffee Table