Mango Wood Furniture from Urte Paula

Mango wood furniture has kept increasing in popularity the last few years and we can see it everywhere right now. Today we are going to dive deep into the beautiful material made from mango trees.

Characteristics of mango wood 

A hard-wood material

Did you know that mango wood is considered a hard-wood material? It is dense and durable, which makes it a great material for furniture that will stay beautiful for many years to come. It is an alternative to other wood materials such as maple, oak, or mahogany.   

Color and visual features

Mango wood can differ in color from light brown to golden brown with a tint of yellow, black, or even pink, because of spalting, which is wood coloration caused by a fungus. It gives the wood an aged look, with marks and details similar to aged oak. It does not affect the strength of the wood but is more of a visual effect.  

When mango wood is unstained, in its natural state, it is just a bit darker than oak. It takes wood stain really well and the surface you often see in mango furniture, the deep, warm brown is a result of stained mango wood.  

Media Unit, Natural/Gold Colour, Mango Wood, Iron, Brass - VALF by Vical

Why mango wood is a great choice

Sustainable option

Even though the material can look beautifully aged, the mango tree grows really fast and therefore is quicker to produce compared to other hardwood materials. Neither does it need a long time to season and dry, which makes it a popular alternative for manufacturers. For example, a mango tree can be planted and fully grown in 15 years, while an oak tree can take between 50-100 years. 

This is also why mango wood is considered a sustainable option to choose. Because of its quick growth, the mango tree can help relieve the deforestation of endangered tree species. 


Due to the different textures and patterns in the mango wood as well as the color variation you are sure to not find the exact same furniture piece again which makes it truly unique and one of a kind.  


If you want to bring in warmer materials to your home mango wood is a great choice. The deep, golden brown color of mango wood creates a warm surrounding in your home and is especially beautiful matched together with other furniture made of mango wood. 

How to take care of mango wood

Avoid strong sunlight

Mango wood is also a great choice for outdoor furniture as it is very durable in water. On the other hand in a very dry climate, the wood can get dehydrated easily and in the worst-case crack. So it is recommended to not have the material in direct strong sunlight, and in dry climates to keep it moisturized using furniture polish. 

Avoid strong chemicals on mango wood

Choose to clean your mango wood furniture with natural cleaning products. Harsh chemical cleaners can damage the finish and make it more sensitive. Together with furniture polish from time to time the wood will stay beautiful and fresh for a long time in your home.

 260CM Dining Table, Rectangular, Cream Distressed, Mango Wood - HASSI by Vical