How to: Style a Round Dining Table (+ our best tips)

How to style a Round Dining Table 

Are you interested in learning how to decorate your dining room with a round table? Or have you just bought a round dining table and now you have no idea how to style it? Maybe you wonder: Which chairs would go with it? Should I have lighter textiles or heavier fabric? Where in the room should I place my round dining table to maximize the space around and flow in the room? Today we are going to cover all of that and more in this blogpost for a circular dining table. 


Why should you choose a Round Dining Table? 

Create extra space in a small kitchen 

The best solution for a small kitchen or dining room is to choose a round dining table. That is because choosing a circular rather than a square table will open up for room to fit at least four chairs and is an efficient use of space. 


More social environment and create better interactions

Eye contact and conversations are the main focus around a round dining table. Instead of creating a hierarchy, as with a long rectangular dining table, all the people are equal to one another with a circular table. A round table becomes a social space where the children can do their homework, the whole family can play board games and eat a Sunday dinner together. 


Better flow in the room

A circular table creates easier movement and flows in the dining room. It is easy to move around the table and you are not in the way of other people when going between the kitchen and dining room for serving at dinner parties. Also, did you know that according to the teachings of Feng Shui, a round dining table is more dynamic and creates harmony in a room? 


How you can style your Round Dining Table


Match the dining table with thin-legged chairs for a light, airy room with a lot of space

Your choice of chairs is crucial for the overall aesthetic of the room. The best advice we have is to take a look at your space and see what type of chairs to match the table with. The first thing to take into consideration is from what type of material the round dining table is made.

The second thing to look for is how large the dining room you've got is and how much white space the room got. In a smaller kitchen or dining room, you might want a neater, thin-legged chair to create more space and open up the room. On the other side, in a large dining room, you might not want too neat chairs as it has a more casual look. If you have a lot of space you rather would like to have heavier, elegant chairs for a luxurious feel, but also to create balance in the room and have the dining table with chairs as a statement piece and where you like to have your gathering with friends and family. 


Use dark colors, luxury fabric, and sparkling finishes for a formal look 

Luxury, heavy fabric combined with sparkling finishes gives an impressive and extravagant touch to the dining room. Use contrast and mix white with dark colors such as black and dark blue for a more formal occasion. The dramatic look is suitable for a larger dining room with statement interior pieces. 


Use light, natural materials and soft fabric for a casual look

Decorate with light, soft fabrics for a fresh look to your dining room or kitchen. The soft fabrics go well with chairs of natural materials for example wood such as mango wood or oak. This creates a modern, everyday feel for a modern casual-looking dining room. 


Add a centerpiece such as a vase with flowers, candles, or a bowl with fruits

When the table isn’t being used you can add a centerpiece to decorate your round dining table which can easily look empty when not being filled with plates and a table setting. You could decorate your round dining table with a vase of fresh flowers, light a candle in the middle of a grey evening, or place a bowl with fresh fruits to give it some life.



Our best suggestion for Round Dining Tables

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