Petrified Wood Furniture: Everything You Need to Know!

If you’re up to date on high-end interior design movements, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of petrified wood. The chic and unique furniture made of this material is being raved about everywhere right now – for very good reason! Read on to learn what petrified wood is, how it’s made, and how you can incorporate this elegant aesthetic into your home using some incredible Urte Paula pieces.

 What is petrified wood?

Identifying petrified wood is easy; it has such a distinctive appearance! Believe it or not, that’s because it’s the product of fossilisation. Although it looks like wood, it is more like marble in its consistency. Despite all the changes made to the material during the process of fossilisation, you will still be able to observe beautiful details such as tree rings that have been preserved in your petrified wood.

The textures, patterns, and colours of petrified wood occur organically, making each piece entirely unique. Natural stone, wood, and millions of years combine to create the breath-taking beauty of petrified wood.

How is petrified wood furniture made?

Despite the name, we can assure you that no wood is scared in the process of petrifying it! You should actually consider petrified wood as a kind of artwork made by entirely natural forces. To build furniture from this stunning material, the right kind of fossilised trees are first identified.

Once the wood has been uncovered from its hiding place -- under layers of mud and volcanic ash -- it can be prepared and transformed into durable pieces of furniture. The wood could be presented in a polished or raw format; both styles are very aesthetically pleasing.

Why is petrified wood so popular right now?

Isn’t it obvious? Petrified wood brings a miracle of nature into the comfort of your own home. No other person will ever have a piece exactly like yours, and the individuality that this style of furniture brings to a living space makes it very attractive.

Petrified wood has appeal for those who wish to invest in unusual heirlooms; it’s the polar opposite of generic! For this reason, you’re likely to find furniture made of petrified wood for sale in high-end furniture stores. It’s popular with people who want to bring an elevated look to their living space.

Petrified wood pieces can be expensive, but they’re long-lasting as well as beautiful. Once you understand the long process that forms this special material, you can easily understand the petrified wood cost.

How can I incorporate petrified wood furniture into my home?

In Urte Paula, you’ll find an extensive range of petrified wood furniture. Many of these pieces belong to the same collection, meaning you can easily coordinate items for an even bigger impact. Whether you choose to use petrified wood as a one-off statement or as a cohesive theme for your space, you’ll find the pieces you need to manifest your vision here.

Below you can find inspiration from just some of the pieces available.

Here’s one way to inject the petrified wood trend into your home: a statement mirror! Doesn’t the design of the wood look fabulous when used to make this bold, graphic shape? It’s a stunning frame for a practical purchase. You must have a wall that could be instantly upgraded by displaying this mirror!

Saint by SoloMiya - NOMAD Relic Wall Mirror Petrified Wood Polished Tile


You can make your coffee table a real talking point with the purchase of this eye-catching piece in petrified wood. Its stainless steel legs make it especially unusual, as it combines the modern and the rustic to create a beautiful, distinctive effect.

Saint by SoloMiya - NOMAD Relic Coffee Table Petrified Wood

The warmth of petrified wood is a perfect complement to the brass stainless steel frame of this coffee table. The structure can be seen as part of the timeless art deco tradition, but the mosaic-style tabletop couldn’t be more “now.”

Saint by SoloMiya - NOMAD Relic Console Table Laminated Petrified Wood & Brass


Beautiful art can totally transform the mood of your living space. What would the natural tones and bold graphic of this particular piece bring to your home? It would definitely add character and interest to a previously plain wall. 

Square Mirror Petrified Wood Tile Gold


Mirror, mirror on the wall, what’s the most beautiful wooden effect of all? Right now, we’d have to give the title to petrified wood! This piece is a real show-stopper – just look at the colour combinations present in the ornate oval frame.

Saint by SoloMiya - NOMAD Relic Oval Wall Mirror Petrified Wood Light