Contemporary, Modern or Traditional -Decorate with Leather Furniture

Why should you decorate with leather furniture?

Leather furniture is very versatile when it comes to decorating. If you decorate with leather furniture properly, it will look fantastic in any interior style, whether contemporary, modern, or traditional.  And good quality leather only gets better with age, so you will have a look that will last.

Where to start

Before you start to look at the room you are decorating, you should consider the QUALITY of the leather your furniture is made from.

A piece of furniture made from inferior leather can start to lose its looks – and appeal – after a few years.

The highest quality leather is known as "full-grain". This is the part of the hide just below the hair. This part of the hide would have been exposed to all the elements, which makes it exceptionally strong. And because this part of the hide is the most hard-wearing, it needs little treatment in the process of turning it into leather. This means you can see all the natural markings from the hide, making each piece of furniture unique.

Miya Home Brown Leather Arm Chair


However, if you are working to a budget, you can always look for leather that has been treated. This is usually done if the hide has too many flaws. Funnily enough, what this means is that the treated hide does not show the (natural) imperfections in the leather and can appear more "finished" than full-grain.

Once you have chosen the right leather for your piece, you need to think about the look you are after. Is it something more traditional you are after? Or maybe it is a more contemporary look?

And you don't have to limit yourself to a leather sofa for your home. Bedrooms and even dining areas can benefit from the right leather furnishing – a headboard or leather-covered seating.

Making a piece of leather furniture work in your interior.

A light touch is the best way to use leather pieces in your scheme. Use leather furniture sparingly as part of the decoration. If you fill your room with leather, it can feel cold or sterile.

Quite often, a single piece of leather furniture, such as a sofa, works best in a room. You can then complement it with upholstered pieces.

Alternatively, you may feel that a large leather sofa is too overbearing for your room. If that's the case, you can always think about single leather armchairs or even a leather footstool or two. These small pieces give you the same effect as a larger piece of leather furniture without dominating the space.

Agata Leather Dining Chair

Leather furniture often comes in rich, caramelly colours, and it is worth complimenting those tones in the rest of the décor (otherwise, the room can feel too dark and oppressive). Lighter greys, whites, and pale colours work well on the walls and other furnishings.

And speaking of furnishings, it is worth considering other natural materials when choosing those. Things such as wooden vases or lamps can work well with the natural tones of a leather sofa.

You can also highlight the natural features of your leather furniture with some accent pillows. Larger leather pieces (such as sofas) can make an interior space feel rather monotonous. But you can change that feeling by choosing patterned pillows that bring colour to the interior, break up that monotony, and highlight the natural richness of your leather furniture.

Although you may choose leather for its looks, it is worth mentioning how practical leather can be as a material for furnishings. Because it is a strong material and easy to clean, leather covered dining chairs are an excellent choice for your kitchen, dining room, or even your bedroom.

Leather furniture – versatile and lasting

Whatever style you are after – be it classic, modern, or contemporary – you can add an opulent quality to your interior if you decorate with leather furniture. It may seem like an expensive choice, but it will give you a look that will last.

Additionally, if you choose to stick with the more natural colours, a leather piece can add a cosy warm feeling, giving beauty and depth to your room. Be that a classic leather sofa in your living room, a contemporary leather headboard in your bedroom or leather covered dining chairs in your kitchen.