How to Decorate a Master Bedroom in 2022 (5 tips + styling examples)

How to decorate a master bedroom

To decorate a master bedroom from scratch can be a daunting task. You want the bedroom to be a safe space that feels harmonious and where you can rest from a long day. The choice of furniture makes a big difference in the room's energy and vibe. 

The first step when decorating your master bedroom is to decide on a style of interior that you would like. A mood board or collage can help with that, to make sure the furniture fits well together and complement each other to create both contrast and harmony. To help you we have created three styling examples for master bedrooms in different styles. You will find them further down in this article. 

After you have decided on a style that you would like to have in your master bedroom it is great to think about the functionality as well. What are things that are important for you? A dressing table by the window to have your cup of morning coffee and get ready for the day? A large wardrobe with smart storage to have space for clothes or an accent chair to be able to sit in during day time? After reading this blogpost you will have a clear direction to move further ahead.

5 tips when decorating a master bedroom 

There are some rules and design principles you can have in mind when starting to plan decorating your master bedroom. 

Bedroom furniture such as a bed, a wardrobe, two bedside tables on each side of the bed, an accent chair, a dressing table and a mirror are a great starting point when figuring out an interior plan.  

You can choose to create a cosy master bedroom decorated with soft headboards and lots of light textiles such as curtains and pillows.

If that is not your preferred style you could create a more modern and strict bedroom that has a luxurious hotel bedroom vibe.

1) Plan your space 

A key factor to a harmonious interior is to have chosen furniture based on the room such as the size of the room and light sources. Start to calculate how much space you have and what is necessary to fit the pieces of furniture that you want. You could use an online tool to measure and decorate the space beforehand, or just use pen and paper to plan before you start purchasing furniture. 

Calculate how much space that is needed for a wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table, two side tables and a king size bed. In a master bedroom, you should be able to fit all this for maximum comfort. Later ahead you can add an accent chair, paintings, a rug and pillows.

2) Colour in your bedroom

Start by deciding which colour scale you want, avoid applying any strong colours. The bedroom can go in light or muted colours such as white, natural, light blue or light green.

Using colours on walls in the bedroom can really contribute to a calm and nice feeling. We often suggest choosing a light shade in a soft colour for harmony. Remember to choose a colour that feels relaxing and enhances the feeling you want. 

Avoid strong colours such as red and orange, instead look for cooler colours such as a shade of blue, grey or green. An alternative can be to choose a pillow or bedspread in a stronger contrasting colour to create a dynamic vibe.

3) Choose the right bed

A key factor to make the master bedroom your favourite place of the house is to make sure to choose a good bed that suits you and your needs. Consider how big you want your bed to be and measure so that it can fit in your room and leave space for two side tables. There are different standard measurements on how big a room needs to be to fit each bed to not choose a too big bed for the size of the room.

Usually you want a King size bed for the master bedroom, but you could also choose a California King Bed that is slightly more narrow or a Super King Bed that is even wider than the normal King size bed. 

After you have chosen the bed you might want to have a headboard that goes well with it. The headboard can go hand in hand with the rest of the decor in the bedroom or be in a contrasting material. When doing it right it becomes the centre of the master bedroom.

4) Natural light 

Another factor to take into consideration are the natural light sources. A wallpaper or wall colour can look completely different depending on how much and where lights enter the bedroom, both natural and artificial lights. 

Take a look at where your windows are positioned in your master bedroom and use it to decide what kind of light sources you will need to decorate with to have great lighting, even in the dark evenings. It is always preferred to have multiple light sources and if possible dimmable lamps.

5) Interior details

Your room will not be complete without personally picked out interior details. The difference between a luxury hotel room and a master bedroom can often be the personal belongings. So remember to bring in those personal things that have a story and you will love the room even more.

Be sure to choose details that mean a lot to you, such as photographs of your loved ones, a beautiful jewellery box for your jewellery or a scented candle you love.

You can also change the style in your master bedroom easily by replacing textiles such as curtains, pillows, bed linen and bedspreads depending on season and preferred vibe.

Products we recommend from Urte Paula:

Accent chair

A place that often can be forgotten when decorating is the corner of the room. Add an accent chair to create a cosy corner that is both functional and stylish. When choosing material you can choose one of two ways, either you can choose a material that goes hand in hand with the rest of the interior. If you want a more dynamic vibe you can have a chair in a material with a contrasting colour and texture than the rest of the room. Don't forget to add pillows, plants and a blanket as well. 

We recommend placing your accent chair in the opposite corner of your bed to create harmony in the master bedroom. If possible, place your accent chair in the corner closest to the window to get some natural light.

Some of our favourites are these two seatings in velvet material. The Carpi Accent Chair comes in a stunning teal blue colour and is designed with a beautiful scalloped back in soft velvet upholstery. It stands on black tapered legs and is a perfect piece of furniture to add in a master bedroom with interior in a blue shade. 

If you like velvet but prefer a different colour we can recommend you to check out The Occasional Velvet Chairthat comes in an upholstered velvet in a luxurious rich grey colour. It is a modern armchair with squared angles and a silver metal frame that bring a modern minimalistic vibe to your bedroom. It has foam filled seat pads and are both super stylish and comfortable to sit in. 

For those who love leather seating we have two great choices as well. The PaulaHome - Armchair Brown Leather is a chair in a modern design made up of curved lines and plush button tufted upholstery. It is made from elm wood and has a material with a leather effect. The angular legs with curved sides give the chair a mid-century modern aesthetic. Another alternative is this armchair: Modern Seating Black Leather Tub Chair that is a rounded armchair in black leather that is super comfortable and suits in a bedroom with a more masculine interior style. A super unique alternative for an armchair is this lounger Dexter Lounger Mineral.

accent chairs for master bedroom


Other furniture that are necessary in your master bedroom are a pair of bedside tables. They make the interior complete and the bedsides are also functional and a perfect place for storage for little things like books, magazines or other things you want to have near the bed. 

The bedside is also a great space to place a table lamp. It is great for reading in bed at night but it is also a good source of lighting. For harmony you rather want multiple light sources around the room than only a ceiling light. Remember to get two bedsides to have one on each side of the master bed.  

If you prefer a rustic interior style we would recommend our Veranda Side Table with 2 Drawers. It is made from mindy wood and lightly brushed to create a natural ageing of a beach side veranda, open to the elements of sun and sand. 

In the same collection we will find the Veranda Round Side Table with 1 Drawerthat is made from the same material but only has one drawer instead of two and a round shape. That would fit perfectly into master bedrooms that have other circular elements. 

For a bedroom in an elegant interior style the Elegante Silver Bedside Table would be an amazing choice for a bedside table. It is a super unique piece with its shiny, silver surface paired with the ornate details and curved legs. 

Finally we have two examples of bedsides for a master bedroom in a modern style. If you have a need for a lot of storage the Okayama 2 Drawer Bedside can be a great choice for you. It comes in white oak with oak veneers and has 3 drawers to fit everything you need.

Another modern bedside with great opportunity for storage is the Chic Brown Bedside with two drawers. It is made from solid mango hardwood and is lightly stained. The matt finish enhances the natural beauty and warm glow of the mango wood.

Bedsides master bedroom

Master Bedroom Styling Examples: 

Charcoal Minimalistic Master Bedroom 

black minimalistic modern master bedroom collage styling example

This charcoal master bedroom has a mysterious and masculine style of interior with its dark furniture. A really cool master bedroom with black and gold details. The Chic Charcoal 4 Poster 5' Bed (King) is the centre of the room and it is both stylish and super functional. We wanted the rest of the interior to match the bed and chose black stained oak furniture to complete the look. 

For example this Chic Charcoal 4 Drawer Chestas storage combined with the Chic Charcoal Bedside with two drawers. To choose multiple pieces of furniture from the same collection is a sure way to create harmony in the room. The Chic Charcoal Open Wardrobe is an open wardrobe where you can hang some of your clothes that will become part of the interior. 

We need some contrasting colour in the room as well, and can’t only choose black furniture. To not make it too dark we have a few pieces of furniture with yellow and gold tones. For example this wonderful accent chair in a gold toned colour, Occasional Seating Leather Swivel Chair Saddle Tan.

It is designed to bring a modern seating solution to your home, upholstered in a luxurious beautifully aged saddle tan mustard leather, its gentle curves and smooth lines with unique tufted detailing, bring a modern minimal aesthetic to your master bedroom. 


Elegante Master Bedroom

elegant master bedroom collage styling example This master bedroom with elegante furniture is a feminine and romantic interior style. We have chosen a super king bed, Elegante Weathered 6' Linen Upholstered (Super King)for this master bedroom. 

In the same series we have Elegante Weathered Dressing Table And Mirror that are a perfect combination together. The French-inspired design with ornate detailing and a weathered, natural wood grain has a beautiful aged vintage look. Its curved legs and ornate detail have to be impeccably designed to exhibit the finest level of craftsmanship, carving and finer details. 

For storage we have a chest of drawers, Elegante Weathered Chest of Drawersand a bedside table, Elegante Weathered Bedside Table that has that elegante, romantic look with a weathered, natural wood grain.