How To Decorate a Small Living Room in 2022

How To Decorate a Small Living Room 

What interior principles should you consider when decorating a small living room? Are there any tricks you can use to make the living room seem bigger than it actually is? And can you create the illusion just using the right furniture? Of course, you can. In this article we will show you how. 

Further down in this article we will share our 5 best tips when decorating a small living room.

5 tips for decorating a small living room

1) Choose a functional coffee table

Which type of coffee table makes your living room look bigger? When you are looking for a coffee table you want to choose a functional one, that makes it possible to adjust the size. For example a set of three smaller coffee tables that you can use together or alone when necessary. This way you don't need a large coffee table that covers half of the room, and you can adjust depending on how many guests you have at the moment.

Another tip is to choose a coffee table that is made of glass or other see-through material. That makes the room seem bigger since the lights reflect through the material. If you rather want a coffee table in oak, mango wood or stone, you can use the same principle with multiple small coffee tables instead of one large.

2) Sofa that works as a sofabed

If you live in a smaller apartment but want to be able to offer a spare bed for guests or family that are visiting, you should look for a sofa that can be turned into a bed. Sofabeds are both functional and stylish. It is a perfect solution for living in a smaller place but want to maximize the space. If you only have room for a sofa or a bed this is a great option as well. Then you can choose to have a sofa during day time and a bed at night when you are going to sleep.

3) Use a rug to make the room seem bigger

When decorating a small living room there are a few hacks to use to make the room seem bigger than it is. You can use furniture to your advantage and arrange it to create the illusion of a larger living room. For example you want to place the sofa, coffee table and armchairs in the middle of the room, rather than against the walls. This creates more space around the furniture and makes the room seem bigger. Another tip is to place the furniture one a large rug.

4) Choose the right curtains

Use curtains for the windows in your living room to soften it up and make the furniture blend together. A hack to make the room look to have a higher ceiling is to put the curtain rod as high up as you can. You can also use a wider curtain rod than the length of the window. This tricks the eye to think that the windows are larger than they actually are. 

You can easily change the colors of the curtains to give the room a completely new look, just imagine how different the room would look with thin white linen curtains or thicker heavy velvet curtains. Match the curtains with the pillows in your sofa for a complete and harmonious look.

5) Don’t forget the corners 

When decorating a living room we often leave the corners of the room empty, without any furniture. But if you have a small living room that you would like to feel bigger, use the corners smart to create the illusion of a bigger room. A few things you can do is to place a lamp table and a lamp to lighten up the corner. You could put an accent chair diagonal in the corner to use that space or place a large flower or plant to bring life to the rest of your room.