How to decorate your home office in 2022

How to decorate your home office in 2022 

Why should you have a home office?

In 2022, we will continue to work from home. More and more people work from home and therefore it is important that we give ourselves a place that is dedicated to work. 

It is important to have a workspace that gives us the opportunity to focus on today's tasks. Make sure that your home office becomes a quiet place for work and that there is room for storage as well as a desk that you can take breaks from and then come back to and continue working. Your environment plays a huge role in feeling inspired and productive in our workday.

If you work from home, you know that a good workspace is necessary. A space where you can focus and that contributes to your working day becoming more productive. A comfortable work chair in a nice color and beautiful design can give you energy to keep working and help you achieve your success.


How to decorate your home office:

When you start designing your home office, you should think about what your needs are. Do you need a lot of storage such as bookshelves or just a desk? Do you work best in a minimalistic space or do you want it to be a cozy home office with lots of storage?

Also think about where in your home it would be best to have a home office. Do you have the opportunity to make an entire room your workspace? Other suggestions would be to create a workplace in the hallway, as a part of the living room or in the bedroom. 

What do you need to work comfortably and efficiently? The basic setup for a home office is a desk, desk chair and a bookshelf. Keep in mind that you can also decorate with a rug, pillows, flowers and paintings for a more inspiring workplace. 

To have office furniture that creates harmony visually and fits well together is something to strive for. Feel free to choose furniture pieces in a similar or contrasting color and material for a harmonious office space.


5 tips for decorating your home office:

1) Bring in natural light

Place the desk close to a source of natural light, for example next to a window. Natural light is always preferred if you have the choice. Natural light will bring you focus and does not make you as tired as sitting with strong lighting indoors.

2) Have a space for resting

Distinguish between your home environment and your workspace. Find a place that you can go to take a break. An armchair could be such a place for your breaks. It is also important to not bring your work into your private area. 

3) Make sure it is quiet 

Make sure that you can close the door around you and your workspace. If you can't close a door you can use a bookshelf or other furniture to divide the room. 

4) Keep it clean and tidy 

Another important thing to have a home office that you enjoy spending time in is to keep your desk clean and tidy. Make it a habit of cleaning up after your working day. To help you with this it is a great idea to have bookshelves and a chest of drawers as well as your desk. 

5) Hang up art on the walls

To make it more personal and cozy we recommend you to use art and paintings to create harmony in your home office. It is much nicer to look at a painting than to stare at a bare wall. 

How to choose furniture for your home office: 

Desk chair

An important thing when you want to create harmony while decorating your home office is to consider materials and colors that go well together. The desk chair can for example contribute with an accent color that you can pick up in a painting you hang on the wall or in small office accessories. Make sure the desk chair fits the desk and remember to choose a chair with a backrest for optimal comfort. 

Think about which color or material you appreciate the most. What does the rest of the room look like and which colors are already there? If you selected a black desk you can continue on the black theme or you can choose a chair with a popping color like green, blue, pink or brown.

If you are looking for a stricter look, you can choose a chair in leather, while if you prefer a chair that creates a softer impression, we would recommend a chair in velvet material.


Desk chairs in velvet and leather material for home office



Bookshelves are great for organizing everything you need in your working day and to optimize your workplace. Organize your papers and hide them in a bookshelf to create more structure and a clutter free space.

With a bookshelf, you can also divide your home office between the workplace and the rest of the room. A bookshelf with open spaces gives you a quick overview of your things. You can also choose a bookshelf with doors if you need a lot of storage space.

Bookshelves for Home Office

Paintings to hang on the walls:

When you decorate your home office, do not forget that paintings and art on the walls lifts the room and makes it more personal. You can use a painting to enhance accent colors from the rest of the room. This ties everything together and helps you achieve harmony when decorating the room. A bonus tip is to choose colors that make you productive, give you a sense of inspiration or have a calming effect.

A great thing to make the workplace more alive is to bring plants. If you want to add some fragrance and color you can have flowers in a vase on your workspace.

 Paintings for Home Office


Where in the room should you place your desk? The placement of the desk can be at the window to add some natural light to the room or why not place the desk in a corner? Make sure you have some built-in drawers for storage for the things you use often. Think about your needs at the desk. For example, do you need a large desk or do you only need space for your computer? Do you need extra storage such as a chest of drawers underneath?

Our desks come in many different styles and materials. Choose a material that suits you and the interior style of your choice.

Desks in wood and oak