Most Popular Furniture In The UK: Living Room Furniture

A surprising item has been crowned the most popular furniture in the UK for living rooms – and it isn’t what you think.

New research conducted by Blinds Hut revealed that the most popular living room furniture in the UK was the sofa bed – beating other items such as coffee tables, TV stands, corner sofas, floor lamps and ceiling lampshades.

The research investigated Google Search data to find which pieces of furniture were the most popular living room furniture items based upon average monthly searches. Blinds Hut found that the sofa bed has 246,000 average monthly searches in 2020 (which was 49% more than the next most popular living room furniture item!)


The Benefits of Sofa Beds

Sofa beds have increased in popularity over the past decade to be crowned the most popular UK living room furniture for a mix of the following reasons:

  1. They save space by having dual functions over a smaller footprint, making them ideal for apartments or smaller homes which don’t have extra room for additional furniture.
  2. Consumers don’t have to compromise on aesthetics or comfort when picking a sofa bed as modern designs fit both requirements at reasonable prices.
  3. They made for social households, as they allow owners to entertain guests while also providing them with space for a comfy nights sleep!
  4. Having multiple functions means they’re not limited to being at home in the living room; they can easily shift from one room to another while still providing the above benefits.

    Beware of poor quality sofa beds as due to their dual functionality, they tend to get more wear and tear than other pieces of furniture. This extra wear means you will need robust upholstery and quality materials to last the test of time while getting maximum enjoyment out of your living room.


    Sofa Bed QnA

    Being the most popular UK furniture piece comes with one downside: there is so much misinformation out there – below are some of the top questions we get asked all condensed into one place.

    If there are any that you have in mind that aren’t included below, then feel free to get in touch between 9am – 8pm Monday to Sunday and one of our team will happily answer your burning questions!

    How do sofa beds work?

    There are two most common ways that sofa beds work – Clic-Clac and Pull Out.

    Clic-Clac sofa beds fold at the rear of the sofa into a flat mattress and Pull Out sofa beds have a concealed mattress underneath the sofa cushions.

    Are sofa beds comfortable?

    Advancements in modern manufacturing methods have led to sofa beds that are better designed and more comfortable than ever before. They are that comfortable that sofa beds are now a great option for short-term tenants as well as ad hoc stay-overs.

    Can you sleep on a sofa bed every night?

    While modern sofa beds are more comfortable than ever before, our customer service team wouldn’t recommend sleeping on them every night as they don’t have the mattress thickness or design that beds offer for every night sleeping.

    If you are looking for a better option for every night sleeping arrangements, then feel free to check out our extensive range of beds designed for a perfect nights sleep.

    Which sofa bed is the most comfortable?

    This is a tricky one, but our customers have only given great feedback to us about the PaulaHome - Aquileia Brown Leather Corner Chaise Sofa. Not only does this product (below) have great sitting options, but it also comes with the renowned PaulaHome level of comfort.

    What To Look For In A Sofa Bed

    Now you know why sofa beds are the most popular UK living room furniture item, many of you may be asking what to look for in a sofa bed or sofa bed supplier?

    Picking your dream piece of furniture shouldn’t be a headache; despite their popularity, there are so many bad options out there!

    Below we are going to cover the three key things to look for when picking your dream item based upon our experience in the furniture industry as a leading and authorised reseller.

    Multiple fabric options

    You need a sofa bed that enhances the design and comfort of your living room. To achieve this, you need multiple fabric options to choose from in order to get the colour and feel to your understandably high standards.

    For example, our sofa bed range comes with 11 different colour options as standard, including nickel, stone and indigo, with many more available if you get in touch.

    Why do we offer this variation? Because every home is unique, so why shouldn’t your furniture be too?

    Sofa beds with mattresses included

    Believe it or not, but not all sofa beds come with a mattress included. A sofa bed without a proper mattress misses out on many of the benefits which sofa beds bring.

    Two standard mattress options are open coil and pocket sprung, but you can always get memory foam toppers to make them even more comfortable than they already are!

    Suppliers with multiple payment options

    Sofa beds are an investment; the price can vary depending upon the size, quality, materials used and brand. Therefore, you need a supplier that gives you the payment options you need, to get the living room furniture you want.

    We’ve got you covered – At Urte Paula we have Klarna, Clearpay, Laybuy and Paypal credit, allowing you to shop now and pay later with either a 30-day or three interest-free instalment options.


    Thanks for reading!

    If you’ve made it this far, the Urte Paula Team would like to thank you! We hope that we have given you the information you need to make the right decision when picking the most popular item for your living room furniture.