How to style a Leather Sofa (+ our favorites from PaulaHome)

A leather sofa is a classic, timeless piece of furniture for your home. It can be styled in multiple ways and comes in a lot of different shades of colors. What should you consider when purchasing a new leather sofa? And which one is the perfect one for you? 

In this article we will teach you how to take care of your leather sofa to make it shine and stay beautiful as it ages. We will also show you some of our favorite leather sofas from Urte Paula.

Why should you have a leather sofa? 

Gets more beautiful as it ages

A leather sofa is durable and you don’t have to be too careful with it. Real leather gets more and more beautiful for each year that passes. Once in a while you have to clean it and if you take care of the leather sofa, it will last for a long time. 


A beautiful aged leather sofa has character and fits into most people's homes. In great condition it can be absolutely stunning with a leather sofa as a part of the interior. 

A timeless piece

Since leather sofas never go out of style it is a good investment to purchase one, compared to a new trendy model or shape in sofa, that will be out of style the next year. Your leather sofa will always be trendy and up to date. A timeless piece of furniture. 

How to take care of your leather sofa 

Once in a while it is a good idea to vacuum your leather sofa carefully to get rid of dust. You can also use a damp towel to freshen up the sofa and then wipe it with a dry towel. There are different kinds of cleaning products that are specially made for leather as well as balms to make your leather sofa stay soft and hydrated. If your leather sofa gets stains it is important to use those special leather cleaning products. 

Which leather sofa is for you? 


Keep in mind that the sofa should not be too big according to the size of the room. Before you decide which leather sofa that is for you, measure how much space you have in your living room, or in the room you are going to put it in. We have multiple different kinds of leather sofas, both 2 seats and larger 3 seat sofas. We would recommend you to choose a corner sofa if you need to maximize the space in the room. 


Leather sofas come in cool, modern styles or in a more traditional styles. There is one for every style preference. Let the sofa set the tone for the rest of the interior in the room. Don’t be afraid to use linen or velvet materials in pillows, rugs or curtains to contrast against the rough leather sofa that easily can create a quite cold feeling alone in a room without textiles. 

You can also incorporate some warmth in the coffee table and bookshelves for example with oak furniture, mango wood or other wood material. 


There are many different shades and hues to choose from when it comes to picking your perfect leather sofa. Maybe you like a red brown hue, a light beige or a dark one, why not completely black?  


Our favorite leather sofas from Urte Paula

1) Leather sofas in different colors 

Leather sofas from Solomiya

Let's find out which color you would prefer in your leather sofa. We have multiple different colors and sizes to make sure you find the one that is perfect for your needs. 

A larger leather sofa such as a 3 seater or a corner sofa suits best in your living room or lounge area. You want to have space for a coffee table in front of it and not feel like it is too crowded with your sofa. A smaller sofa such as a large armchair or a 2 seater fits great in a larger hallway, a bedroom or in a dining room that has a lot of space. 

Chiase Corner Black Leather Sofa is a black leather corner sofa in a minimalist design that aims to elevate the room’s decor. It is created using high-grade leather, with silver hardware on the base which gives it that timeless look. The filled seats cushions ensure high comfort.

Another one in a darker hue is the 2 Seater Black Leather Sofa. It is a high-quality design piece with its unique and elegant curved shape. The seat and back are upholstered in charcoal leather with a rib detailing on the back adding a stylish touch. The legs and arms are crafted from solid oak which contrasts nicely against the leather material. 

If you would like a light colored sofa you should take a look at this Modern Seating Cream Leather Sofa. The sofa features rich leather in a soft, creamy color with unique stitching lines. It is luxurious, modern and super comfortable to sit in with its foam filled seats. The round shape makes the sofa stand out and is perfect for those that desire furniture in an organic form.  

Here we have three different leather sofas in shades of brown. 2 Seater Sofa Vintage Brown Leather is a leather sofa in a warm brown hue which looks amazing against the ash legs. It is a classical piece of an upholstered tan leather sofa that becomes the centerpiece of any living room. Another lovely vintage leather seating is this Vintage Seating 2 Seater Brown Leather Antique Sofa. It is perfect to put in your hallway as a part of your bedroom or lounge area. 

2) Warm brown leather sofas 

Warm brown leather sofas

Brown leather sofas can fit into most homes and interior styles. A leather sofa in a warm red-brown color is both stylish and welcoming. It will become more beautiful as each year passes and ages really well. 

Style it with a coffee table in glass with shiny brass details for a modern look, or why not a solid oak table to create harmony. If you choose an oak coffee table you could look for one that matches the legs of the sofa to create a complete look. An interior principle is that a light colored leather sofa should be combined with light oak or wood material. And vice versa, a dark leather sofa suits best with furniture in dark colored wood or oak. 

One of our favorite leather sofas is the Vintage Leather 3 Seater Sofa. It is a stylish 3 seater sofa in a warm red-brown color. It has solid ash legs and a decorative buttoned back and are a part of our Vintage Seating Collection. This sofa is a really beautiful complement in a modern home and fits in every living room or lounge area. 

Another cool detail to add in your home is the Aquileia Brown Leather Coffee Table/Footstool that is a multifunctional addition to your living room. The footstool is a unique design piece and can also be used as a coffee table. It has a solid plywood and pine frame, plump foam-filled pad upholstered in luxury high grain warm brown leather. Designed to be low profile it blends almost seamlessly into the floor and becomes the centerpiece of your living room.

3) Dark leather sofas 

Black leather sofas from Solomiya

A black leather sofa is a cool addition in the modern home. The black leather creates a dramatic contrast to the rest of the interior in the living room. Paint the walls in a light color such as eggshell white or a light beige to enhance the effect of the black sofa and create balance in the room between light and dark. If you choose darker walls you will need a lot more light sources in the room to not make it too dark. 

The bold person who likes to experiment with different styles could choose a retro wallpaper in strong colors and patterns. Cool patterns against the black leather sofa creates a bold effect. Here it is also important to have good lighting in the room or make sure to have a natural light source. 

One of our favorite black leather sofas is this Modern Seating Black Leather Sofa. It has a round organic shape and unique stitching lines that makes the sofa stand out among others. The black leather sofa is luxurious, modern and super comfortable to sit in with its foam filled seats.